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Product Name: Horizontal Silos

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Product Key: Silos and Storage Vessels

Brand Name: Portasilo Bulk

About Products :

Portasilo has developed a new concept in silo storage, the horizontal silo. This easily transportable vessel is ideal for temporary storage of powders and granular products. The unit can be delivered on a standard flatbed vehicle and sited using a crane, lorry-mounted crane or forklift.

Horizontal silos are available in three standard sizes: 36m³, 54m³ and 72m³ to suit varying requirements.
Fully equipped, ready to use silo

The silos are supplied fully assembled and ready for use. They feature standard fittings, including aeration and vibration discharge aids, screw conveyor with 1,000mm outlet height, high-level probe and reverse jet-cleaned filter unit. An optional inclined screw conveyor is available on request.