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Product Name: Goldy Gas Saver

Product Price: Rs.999/-

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Brand Name: GOLDY

About Products : Goldy Gas Saver Is The Only Gas Saver In The World With The Time Tested And Unique HYPER ACTIVE FSS CIRCUIT SYSTEM TECHNOLOGY. It Is The Worlds Only Gas Saver That Goes Through Rigorous Testing, Time And Again, To Improve And Get Maximum Savings. It Has A High Quality IS-319 Certified Engineering Grade Extrusion Brass Body. It Comes With A 10-Year Warranty. It Is Ready To Use – Simple – No Maintenance. It Works Differently From All Other Gas Savers Available In The Market. How? The Cooking Gas Is Directly Passed Through Powerful Magnets, Placed Inside The Device. This Increases The Excitation Level Of Gas Molecules, Causing Their De-Clustering. When The Gas Comes Out Of “FSS” CIRCUIT, It Burns With Improved Thermal Efficiency. This Unique Process Results In Saving Gas By Up To 50%. Up Until Now, The Magnets Used To Be Placed Outside The Tube Carrying Gas, Which Gave Low Efficiency Of The Gas Saver. The Innovative Feature Of GOLDY Is That The Gas Comes In The Physical Contact With The Power Packed Imported Rare Earth Magnets.