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SharkID is a CallerID App, that shows Mutual References for all the incoming/outgoing calls on your Mobile Phone. With SharkID, you don’t have to talk with any stranger, check Mutual Reference before you talk with anybody. SharkID also helps you expand your Business Network. Make reference on SharkID and increase your Business Network.

SharkID facilitates you to create an e-catalog by uploading your product pictures and videos in your Business Card. Now you can promote your product among 2.5 Million Users by uploading product catalog on SharkID.

With Shark ID a user can get an extremely short and unique ID as short as his/her name which can be shared easily to anyone using the same platform. Visualizing the whole idea of simplified communication and smart phonebook, brainstormed over amazing features like auto updating phonebook, secure backup and digital business card and lot more.

Key Features

- Personal Card / Business Card / e-Catalog

- Smart Search

- People Search / Add Reference

- Whatsapp / SMS / Email without saving number

- Fancy Number / SharkID facility

- Find References contacts

- Find References


- More than 3.0 Million Downloads

- Database of more than 500 Million Mobile numbers

- Fancy Number / SharkID. E.g. JamesBond007, Shark, IamSRK etc

- Active database from across India

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Company Information

Business type

Web Portal/Mobile App/Mobile Website

Main Products

Mobile application

Target Market


Established year


Total Annual Revenue

upto 50 lakh

Country Of Origin


Key Products

Mobile application

Traderscatalyst Profile

Office Information

Factory Size

5000 Sq.Ft.


Mobile App Service Provider

No. of Staff


Support Staff


Delivery Terms for Buyers

As Described in Brochure Docs.

Billing GST

As Per Demand

Bank Account Details

As Per Demand

Preferred Logistic Services

Online Services

Other Offices

Ahmadabad, Jaipur



Terms Conditions

SharkID Business Partner

- Dedicated for a State

- Target of selling 200 accounts/Year

- Investment of 100 account

- Can appoint Franchisee in different cities

- Shall recruit Sales Executives to take care of targets

- All Sales from territory goes to Business Partner

Cost for 100 Accounts

- Rs.10000 MRP

- 50% Business Partner Commission Net payable to SharkID = Rs.5000

Total Earning = Rs.(5000 * 100) = Rs.5,00,000 Investments Rs.2,50,000

Master Franchisee

- Dedicated for a City

- Target of selling 50 account/year

- Investment of 25 Accounts

- Shall recruit Sales Executives to take care of targets

- All Sales from territory goes to Business Partner

Cost for 25 Accounts

- Rs.10000 MRP

- 30% Franchisee Commission

Net payable to Business Partner or SharkID = Rs.7000 Franchisee Earning = Rs.(3000 * 25) = Rs.75,000 Investments = Rs.62,500

Training and Support

- SharkID will provide training to Business Partner / Franchisee to sell the products

- SharkID will provide leads coming from Business Partner region

- SharkID will provide customer support to Business Partner clients

- SharkID will provide technical infrastructure to facilitate Sales

- SharkID will provide marketing material need for Sales




1.4 Million Android users are using Shark ID



We are confident that we will touch 2M mark by March 19. Four Months & 6 Lakh Installs, not cake walk but not impossible either. Feel free to share ideas to make this feasible.

October 18 vs November 19 App Trends

Description Oct 18 Nov 18

New Installs 175,000 200,000+

Caller Discoveries 50M 75M +

Calls 5M 5.5 M+

Week 1 Retention Ratio 45% 49% 

Monthly Active Users 330K 390K +

Million Screen Views /Mth 110M 135M+

Mobile Numbers 180M 200M+


90% of Shark ID users are males & only 10% females. 60% of Shark ID users are below 25 Years & 40% are above 25 Years.  Number of females are increasing. Number of professionals are increasing. 

New Features:

We are rolling out exciting 6 features in our new version in December. We apologies for delays.

1. Want more privacy? Now you can switch off Mutual References, i.e. you will not see Mutual Reference of any contact nor will your name appear mutual Reference of any contact.  

2. You have the biggest network on the planet. Now you can find reference for even non Shark ID contacts i.e. You > Your References > Their References > Their References > Contact you are looking for.

3. What if your names was your mobile number, email id, address, etc. Or  do you want “007”, “SRK”,  “JamesBond”, etc. as your mobile number. Well, now you can. Just buy Shark ID of your choice for just Rs.600/year with guaranteed 100% cash back.

4. T9 Dialing – Now people can dial your name/Sharkid to call, sms, WhatsApp, email, etc.  So stop sharing your ugly mobile number, email id, address, social handles.  “Bolo, sirf naam hi kafi hai”.

5. Edit Card – Are your friends lazy to update their contact cards? Well, now you can edit their contact card and add missing contact coordinates such that on swipe you can call, sms, WhatsApp, email, go social & much more. Help us build world’s biggest network.

6. Do you forget name of people?  Well just edit their card & add tag as how you will like to remember them. Next time search contact by tags.

Quality Assurance

100% Safe & Secure

– Your phonebook is never shared

– You can sign in & out anytime

– You can be part of just one company at a time

– SharkID is prompted by companies that have a combined turnover of Rs.250 Cr & employees 1500+ people. Companies comply to IT Act 2000, SEI CMM Level 5, ISO 9001, ISO 27001 Quality Certificates.

Market Feedback

Total Staff


Machinery Equipment

All Required Infra, Manpower, Equipment, Tools etc...

Patent Copyrights



Best Available Mobile App




SharkID is a CallerID App, that shows Mutual Friends for all the incoming/outgoing calls on your Mobile Phone. With SharkID, you dont have to talk with any stranger, check Mutual Friend / Reference b

Service & Support

Sample Availability Policy


Guarantees & warranties

As per Online Terms

Processing Support

Help Desk & Customer Support

After Sales Service

10 a.m. to 6p.m. (Monday to Friday)


Question: Does SharkID cost anything. ?

Answer: SharkID is a completely free app to download and use for all supported platforms.

Question: Is my phonebook shared to other users?. ?

Answer: If you have downloaded SharkID from Google Play or Apple store, your phonebook will not be shared.

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