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Product Name: Detergents And Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases

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Product Key: PA-1

Brand Name: KK India

About Products :
Product type Chemical
Physical State Semi-Solid
Packaging Type Tin Drums
Form Liquid
Grade Industrial
Color Off-White


Our prominence in this industry enables us to bring forth the best-in-class Detergents And Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases. The offered Detergents and emulsifiers are used in fabric softeners along with conditioning agents to make the solution stable. Moreover, these products are also used to clean the metal surfaces to get rid of deposits. These are used for insoluble reaction by-products and by using a combustion process to remove detergents in the lubricant. Moreover, these are over based detergents and can be neutralized acidic combustion by-products. These are primary and secondary emulsifiers, which are used as additives which help in providing emulsification for mineral oil and water based lubricant systems. In addition to this, our products find wide application insoluble and semi-synthetic oils for metalworking applications.


Other information:

  • Lobase Detergents
  • Lobase® C-4502
  • Lobase® C-4503
  • Lobase® C-4506
  • Hybase Over based Detergents
  • Hybase® C-231
  • Hybase® C-311
  • Hybase® C-313
  • Hybase® C-401
  • Hybase® C-402
  • Hybase® C-500
  • Hybase® M-401

 Calcium Sulfonate Complex Greases:

  • G-2000 Multi purpose Industrial Grease
  • G-2087 High Viscosity Synthetic Formulation
  • G-2148 Construction Equipment Grease
  • G-2163 Multi Purpose InDustrial Grease
  • G-2183 H1 Synthetic Food Machinery Grease

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