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Product Name: BHU-NIDAAN

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Product Key: BN-1

Brand Name: Royal Krushi Sciences

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To overcome the damage caused by excessive use of chemical fertilizers so as to increase the soil fertility, soil productivity, Royal Krushi Pvt. Ltd. has invented Bhu-Nidaan (an organic fertilizer). Bhu-Nidaan is completely made from natural organic material which helps in making the soil fertile and also helps in maintaining the soil fertility for a longer period. Bhu-Nidaan is a purely organic Fertilizer useful for intensive organic cropping pattern. It is highly effective, economical and eco friendly product for soil application. Bhu-Nidaan is fortified with all important soil microbes. The structure of Bhu-Nidaan is useful for the soil conditioning and it having a slow degradation rate so that it is used in the growth of plant.


Bhu-Nidaan makes the soil smooth and healthy enable plant roots to have better access to nutrients.

It is highly effective for improving soil texture and structure increases water holding capacity.

It reduces the requirement of chemical fertilizer.

It promotes white root growth & improves fertilizer holding and soil aeration condition. It increases growth of roots necessary uptake other nutrients increases growth and health of plant..

Development rate of plants better self-life, yield, maturity, luster & keeping quality of fruit, flowers & vegetable.

.High level of organic carbon content is available in Bhu-Nidaan. It associated with the soil health. It helps in increasing yield and net profit.

Bhu-Nidaan is a Crop grower made from Humus containing natural organic materials, having important nutrient in it.

It maintains the soil pHs


Vegetables / Kharif - Rabi crops: 10 bag to 20 bags per Acre as per type of crops

Horticulture (Fruit crops): 5 kg to 40 kg (according to age)

Grapes: April Pruning: 2 5 m.t. per Acre

October Pruning: 2 m.t. to 5 m.t. per Acre

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